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Traditional 18 Year

Traditional 18 Year


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    4 Leaf quality PGI Certified, this is our finest and most popular “on-tap” Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Made utilizing the Solara method of progressive wood barrels, it is aged up to 18 years, to achieve the sufficient desired density, and incredibe balanced and complex flavor characteristics. Rich in fruit and woody flavors, you get a rare yet very affordable Italian product with a taste that will delight the senses.

    Our Traditional can be drizzled over a variety of dishes, or as a special treat on salads. Try a few drops in soups, stews, on grilled and roasted meats, and on chicken and fish to add acidity and bring out the intrinsic flavors. Delightful on top of tomatoes, it is especially delicious on strawberries and fresh fruit.